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January 13, 2011


For gaining professional experience during this second year of study I have chosen to be involved in two different projects, both aiming to develop essential skills related to my field of work.

1. New York Trip

This trip is organized by Coventry University School of Art and Design and gives the students who attend it the chance to choose and build an individual or group project regarding their passions and already gained skills. The dates of the project are 28.04.2011 – 05.05.2011 and the location is New York. For this project, I have two potential ideas; the final decision on which of the two will actually be put in practice will be made once I’ll be provided with all the necessary permissions.

The first idea involves collaboration with the NYPD Department. As a Journalist Student, I was thinking of making a short video documentary about a typical day at one of the largest Police Departments in the World. The documentary should include footage of some of the offices, interviews with people having different roles within the Department and even images from a minor incident in which Police is involved. Of course, nothing will be recorded without the permission of the Police members or edited unaccordingly.

The second idea aims to be more original and relates to an old saying, “In New York…there’s nothing you can’t do.” As a journalist, my job is to investigate and find out what is it that you actually can’t do while being in New York. Apart from obvious restrictions, regarding crime of theft, I’m aiming to research and discover places where not everything is permitted. This involves, again, talking to different people, taking video footage and presenting facts accurately and from an original point of view.

2. Language exchange Spain

My second opportunity for gaining experience relates to a language exchange
with a group of students from Valencia, Spain. I have applied for this placement a few months ago on the university website and received a contract offer. The dates of the placement are 28.03.2011 – 15.04.2011 and the location is Requena, Valencia.

My main role at the campus (Campus Moragete) is assisting with the teaching of English. Some of my responsibilities include: taking small classes of students and leading activity based speaking and listening exercises, encouraging conversation and debating or assisting/supervising a small class, promoting good pupil behavior.

As a student at Journalism and Media, learning how to efficiently interact with people is essential. As a language assistant, I will have the responsibility to find all the time new ways to improve communication with pupils and keep them interested during the lessons. A journalist has the same difficult mission, to keep the interest of his audience high and persuade them to further listen to him.

Moreover, both journalists and teachers carry the responsibility of shaping the personality and beliefs of a large number of people. For those who listen to them, they represent models and people in whose words they can fully trust. Therefore, I will have the responsibility to provide accurate and correct pieces of information (English vocabulary and grammar, British culture, accent). In this way, I will have the opportunity to revise and acquire linguistic knowledge, essential for my journalistic practice (news writing, broadcast).

Excellent time keeping, good organization skills and team work are just some of the skills which I aim to develop during my time in Spain. However, the challenging environment in which I will be staying (the cultural difference, the language barrier) will help me acquire many more skills, which I hope I will discover and present in the next Coursework.
Last but not least, this role will definitely help me become a much more confident person, who can successfully deal with any difficult situation.

Goals and Objectives

1. New York Trip
• Produce an original and professional journalistic/media artefact, improving my university portfolio.
• Efficiently make use of the notoriety of the place where I’m doing my project and capture quality video footage and pictures to use in the documentary.
• Excellent organization and team-work during the making of the project.
• Make and bring proof of intense research on the topic of my project.
• Efficiently interact and socialize with people from all backgrounds who are willing to contribute to the development of my project.
• Find out whether New York is indeed a city “which never sleeps” and a place to change one’s life.

2. Language Exchange Spain
• Acquire foreign language skills, teaching skills and intercultural awareness.
• Bring innovative ideas and contribute to the efficiency of the teaching methods.
• Improve my self-confidence.
• Become a more responsible person.
• Handling the pressure of working in a professional and challenging environment.

Available Resources
1. New York Trip
• Flights, Accommodation
• Travel and Medical Insurance
• HD video recorders and Edirol sound recorders (available at Ellen Terry Media Loan Shop).
• Sony Vegas editing program.
• 24h/day assistance provided by the university.

2. Language Exchange Spain
• Flights, Accommodation
• Travel and Medical Insurance
• Induction period
The student will be shown a presentation about our teaching methods and health and safety at the campus. The student will also learn how to use our interactive whiteboards which are installed in the majority of the classrooms. The induction period is expected to last two days.

• Spanish Language Book

Staff/ Contact Person

1. New York Trip
Trip Coordinators
Peter Woodbridge
Steve Dawkins
Tel: +44 (0)24 7688 7173

2. Language Exchange Spain
English Coordinator
Laura Balmforth
Tel: 0034622772405