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Magazine Show – 10.12.2010

December 11, 2010

This Magazine Show was part of the Newsday Assignment for Broadcast, Law and Public Administration module and was recorded as live.



World of codes revealed by maths magician

October 31, 2010

James Grime, member of the Mathematics Millennium Project from the University of Cambridge is coming to Coventry University to talk about the history and mathematics of codes and code breaking. On the 9th of November students, parents or teachers are all invited to take part in what should be a scintillating journey into the history of codes, from the Greeks’ and Romans’ period to the present day.

The event starts at 5pm in the Goldstein Lecture Theatre at Coventry University and it is free of charge. The presentation will include a demonstration of a World War II enigma machine, a genuine device extensively used for disguising messages during the Second World War.

These kinds of initiatives aim to inspire students to explore the fascinating world of numbers and maybe encourage them to consider studying mathematics at degree level. “There is so much more to mathematics as a subject and one of the reasons we organize talks like this is to show students at GCSE level just how varied it can be.” said Dr. Farzana Aslam, Senior Lecturer from Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Engineering Sciences at Coventry University.

People who are interested in attending can book a place by either emailing or calling 024 7688 8569.


January 15, 2010

Major earthquakes, floods, cracking continents, pole shift and an imminent impact of an unknown “Planet X” over the Earth, all on 21st of December 2012? Just not going to happen, according to the specialists.

 “Most of what’s claimed for 2012 relies on wishful thinking, wild pseudoscientific folly, ignorance of astronomy, and a level of paranoia worthy of the Night of the Living Dead” reveals an article of E.C.Krupp, Director of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. In a new attempt to calm down the public opinion and reassure that nothing catastrophic is going to produce in the last month of the 2012, the article, suggestively entitled “The Great 2012 Doomsday Scare” brings to light some of the reasons why the end of the world is anywhere near.

Using clear examples from the past, E.C.Krupp refers to the “end-of- the-world” as to the “birth of a notion”, a movement that tends to repeat periodically and feed people’s imagination with scenarios. Moments like March 1982, when the so-called “Jupiter effect” was expected to bring out major transformations to the Earth, 1990, 1999 or the well-known date of January 1st 2000, the apocalypse predicted by Nostradamus, are just a few out of “hundreds of thousands events at the very least” as Krupp said, which commanded headlines, but never had any consequences.

According to Krupp, the doomsday prediction for 21st of December 2012 has its roots in the Mayan calendar, which relates this moment to the end of a cycle, and even to the end of the calendar itself. Baktun 13, as the Mayans used to call it, represents the end of the 13th cycle of a baktun, which is approximately equivalent to 144 000 days, a little more than 394 years. However, it is still not sure whether the calendar ends here.

“Although some ancient inscriptions turn 13 baktuns into an important reset milestone, others imply that the calendar simply keeps running. For instance, it takes 20 baktuns to make a pictun.” says Krupp.

Moreover, there is clear evidence that certain events beyond this day are seen to happen by the Mayans, as an inscription commissioned in the 7th century A.D. by King Pacal of Palenque predicts that an anniversary of his accession would be commemorated on Oct. 15, 4772.

Is the end of the world a bit further now? Krupp brings up even more arguments. Some of the advocates for the 2012 see the nature of the predicted catastrophic phenomenon in the cosmic event of “planet alignment”. However, the Director of the Observatory of Los Angeles states that such an event is neither foreseeable, nor possible, as “there is no precise definition of the Milky Way’s edges.”

Whether the year 2012 will prove to be more special than the previous ones or not, it remains to be seen. One thing is sure; “the clock is ticking”, as Krupp ironically concludes. “Maybe the Maya were on to us after all. And it’s the end of the world, as we know it.”

November 2, 2009

premier leagueWeekend full of football in the Premier League as the gameweek eleven provided ten thrilling confrontations and no less than 29 goals. The northern London derby between Arsenal and Tottenham , Liverpool’s defeat at Fulham and the resounding result of Chelsea at Reebok stadium in Bolton are just some of the highlights. And there’s much more.

Brave City yet to lose…but to win as well

Honours even at St Andrews in Birmingham as the local team met Manchester City on Sunday evening. The visitors seemed as decided as ever to seal the victory and earn all the three points as this thing has failed to happen for four games by now. On the other side, Birmingham came after a 2-1 victory over Sunderland last week and the thought of another big win for “The Blues” started to haunt the supporter’s minds.

Having the home ground advantage for a second week in a row, Birmingham could just have seen themselves winning this one after a penalty was awarded in the 55th minute of the game, but an amazing intervention of Shay Given, the City’s goalkeeper, just made the Blues’ supporters curse their luck.

To add to Birmingham’s frustrations they had key midfielder Barry Ferguson sent-off in stoppage time after a second yellow card and the match ended in a draw mostly due to the inspiration of Given, who just wouldn’t let anyone find a way past him.

“The Blues” just proved the better team this match and the number of chances wasted, especially in the second half, along with the penalty could make the home team feel slightly hard done. Having failed to win, Birmingham City find themselves on the 14th place in the Premier, only a point away from the relegation spots and do need to worry as they travel to Liverpool in an impossible mission next weekend. On the other side, Manchester City managed to stick to the top of the table despite not securing any win in five matches and are currently lying in the fourth place.

Let der by football !

Two big teams of the English Football, both from London and placed on the top of the league, separated by only van persiethree points: the perfect recipe for a match to remember on a Saturday evening at Emirates, isn’t it? Well, things didn’t actually go like that.

Arsenal definitely proved to be the more determined, inspired and efficient and took total control of the game from the very first minutes and didn’t give it away until the score sheet showed an emphatic 3-0. The Tottenham players just couldn’t cope with the opponent’s slick passing and movement and had to accept the role of spectators for much of the first twenty minutes.

With the Gunners dictating proceedings, Van Persie finally managed to score after a good cross from Sagna and the next minute found the Spurs two goals down due to Fabregas’s inspiration. The night just could have been far worse for the Tottenham players, but both Van Persie and Arshavin left to rue chances and the last time the scoreline was changed was in the 70th minute of the game, after another goal from Van Persie.

3-0 the final score and the Wenger’s crazy lads teach their opponents another lesson of football, while the Tottenham supporters have to admit that the game just couldn’t have gone either way.

Hollow ween for Blues, as Bolton experience horror evening on home ground

Six wins in the last six away matches against Bolton was the incredible record of Chelsea before their clash on Saturday. Furthermore, Drogba & Co. seem to have become the Bolton’s worst nightmare as the team from West London demolished the Trotters with another 4-0 win just two days before in the Carling Cup.


Any hopes for Bolton?  Apparently not.  After the wrong step made by Manchester United in the match against Liverpool, the Blues just believed this was their chance to climb up back to the very top of the table and get a two points advantage against their fiercest contenders for the champion’s spot. The mission wouldn’t seem that difficult as the Trotters have just looked unable to cope with the Chelsea’s style of play for the last six matches.

Unexpectedly, this was a much closer contest, but only until Jlloyd Samuel was sent off in the first-half injury time and Lampard opened the scoring from the resulting penalty. All of the sudden, the game become far easier for the Blues and took advantage of the numerical superiority in the 61th minute if the game after a goal by Deco.

The thought of another humiliation started to haunt Reebok stadium and turned into reality just  10 minutes before the final whistle, when firstly Knight turned Carvalho’s cross into his own net and Drogba came with a brilliant finish in the 90th minute.

Other results

In other matches this weekend, Liverpool suffered a 3-1 defeat at Fulham, while Everton have drawn Aston Villa,     1-1. Burnley managed to secure a victory against Hull City, 2-0, as well as Portsmouth, who won by a bigger margin, 4-0, against Wigan. The match between Stoke City and Wolverhampton Wanderers finished 2-2, the same result with that from the clash between Sunderland and West Ham.

Secondary source: for Live text for league table for results

BBC TV and Sky News  for replays of all the goals and highlights.

Watch out for your wallets! Stealing is in vogue in Coventry

October 16, 2009

      A man was caught yesterday while trying to shoplift a sandwich from a store in Coventry, right near the city centre.

    shoplifting3   The man, believed to be in his 30s, entered a small store near Sainsbury’s and walked to the sandwich cases. After looking for a few minutes at the displayed items, he grabbed a sandwich and headed towards the exit, with no obvious intentions of paying for it.

    One of the witnesses of the incident, a 18-year-old customer ,Alina Ene, declared herself amazed by the fact that “the thief was relaxed” and “even quite sarcastic” with the shopkeeper, when he was asked to return the stolen item: “The shopkeeper shouted at the man to pay for the sandwich he took, otherwise he would call the police.”

    Instead of becoming scared and admit his act, “the man looked actually confident that nothing like that would happen” and even had the courage to argue with the shopkeeper for about five minutes.

    The man eventually returned the stolen sandwich and was allowed to walk out freely out of the store, without being even fined for this incident and without any intervention of the police.