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CU Tennis Club to meet the board

February 7, 2011

Members of the Coventry University Tennis Club have been given the opportunity to have their say over the future of their club as they took part in a feedback meeting. The event took place on Friday, January 28 in William Morris building and was chaired by Rob Wills, Sports & Societies Development Manager and by Coventry University Director of Sport, Vince Mayne. The aim of this was not only to inform about the current progress of the club, but also to encourage its members to actively involve in the organization of the society they are part of.

The committee members of the University declared themselves pleased with the way the club is currently managed and regarded the present achievements as a solid ground on which to build in the future. Vince Mayne said: “You’ve done really well so far, we have to make sure we help you keep this going.” However, in order to keep the club on the right track, “it is important that all the Coventry University Tennis Club members be aware of the advantages they have as well as their responsibilities as part of a community”, Coventry University Director of Sport has added.

Coventry University Tennis Club is one of the eight selected Focus Sports within the University, among other sports like football, rugby, hockey or badminton. A Focus Sport Club concentrates on the development of sports practice at a both socially and competitive level, encouraging prospective and already existing members to engage in activities and represent the University in competitions. By paying a membership fee, students have all the facilities provided and several advantages, like financial support for coaching, preferential access to training or marketing support.

Being in the focus of the University as a sports club involves, nevertheless, greater responsibilities and higher expectations. Students must involve both in and off the court, by regularly attending the club meetings, as well as showing a good commitment during training and competition matches. Rob Wells stressed the importance and significance of the statute of Pheonix Team, which Coventry University Tennis Club had earned last year: “Phoenix Team is the pinnacle of University Sport at Coventry. We will be looking at you as the ambassadors of sport, a model for others by showing professionalism and impeccable behavior in everything you do. It is important to create good news stories in order to keep the reputation of the University to a very high level. We offer you in exchange our full support. “

Coventry University Tennis Club is now in its third year of existence and has gathered almost one hundred members. The club includes three men’s teams to play in local competitions, a women’s team and a recreational group, which practices tennis at a social level. It encourages the participation and pleasure of tennis and promotes the practice of this sport at any standard of performance.