World of codes revealed by maths magician

James Grime, member of the Mathematics Millennium Project from the University of Cambridge is coming to Coventry University to talk about the history and mathematics of codes and code breaking. On the 9th of November students, parents or teachers are all invited to take part in what should be a scintillating journey into the history of codes, from the Greeks’ and Romans’ period to the present day.

The event starts at 5pm in the Goldstein Lecture Theatre at Coventry University and it is free of charge. The presentation will include a demonstration of a World War II enigma machine, a genuine device extensively used for disguising messages during the Second World War.

These kinds of initiatives aim to inspire students to explore the fascinating world of numbers and maybe encourage them to consider studying mathematics at degree level. “There is so much more to mathematics as a subject and one of the reasons we organize talks like this is to show students at GCSE level just how varied it can be.” said Dr. Farzana Aslam, Senior Lecturer from Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Engineering Sciences at Coventry University.

People who are interested in attending can book a place by either emailing or calling 024 7688 8569.


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