Final letter to myself

It’s been already a year since I wrote the last letter. So many things have happened…I am now a brand new person, enriched with a large amount of knowledge and maturity, but always in the search for gaining more.

My first year to the university has been, as you had wisely predicted, one of the best periods in my life. Not only I have learned a lot regarding the journalistic practice, but I have also become a more sociable person, open minded and nevertheless, a more daring one. I have made lots of friends here and have already loads of good experiences to remember over the years to come.

The modules have been extremely interactive and complete and made me play on several occasions the role of a professional journalist at work. I know now much more about broadcast, ethics, about the role of media and publishing in a more complex background. I have done a lot of projects to add on my CV and also started to build a portfolio which, I proudly have to admit, is becoming larger and larger.

Apart from school, my personal life has improved considerably. I am now a member of the Coventry University Tennis Club and I play tennis on several occasions, practising the sport I enjoy so much. I have met the nicest girl ever, but I don’t let this interfere with my aim regarding the future career.

Having said all this, I must admit I am extremely anxious to see what will happen next year and I’m looking forward to a new challenging experience.

Thank you, Alex and see you next year!


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