Football – a way of life

I, Alexandru Mihalache, 1st year student at Journalism and Media, Coventry University, can say without doubt that I am mad about football. Mad. I watch football everyday, I follow all the news about it, I even enjoy commercials which have a football pitch or a club chant in it. Football is, in fact, one of the main reasons I have come to England. I could find here a spirit and a culture of this sport which was definitely missing back in my country, Romania.

Many times, when I go to the stadium (meanwhile I have become a fan of Fulham FC), or to a pub to watch a match, I can’t fail to notice the other people who are there and who are living every goal scoring opportunity as intense as I am. This is, in my opinion, football all about. A team work made of millions of people who bring their contribution to the final score, whether we speak about the team itself, the supporters inside the stadium or the ones who watch it on TV and comment on it afterwards.

I have enthusiastically followed all the drama both in Europe and England this year, witnessing a fierce battle for the Premiership, a surprising final in the Champions League, as well as the fulminant performance of a team which brilliantly managed to overcome the statute of underdogs and play in a final in Hamburg (Fulham FC). More than that, I have actually followed the English team to their final exam in the beautiful city of Germany, witnessing the intense drama of the extra time and, unfortunately, the glorious moments of Atletico de Madrid in the end.

These kind of experiences not only amplify my passion for football and sport in general;  they  manage to define and clarify my purposes regarding the journalistic practice and make me want to write, report and inform people about them. I realize, though, that the more I follow the sport events, the better my image about the entire phenomenon becomes. A sports journalist has to be there, after all, in the right place at the right time; just where the goal brilliantly hits the back of the net…when history is made.


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