Skinjuku Incident

“San suk si gin”, 2009,  LCE Movie Limited

Derek Yee creates a grandly atmospheric piece of work evoking the black side of Tokyo existing under the glittery clean streets, to bring out an immortal tale that has existed as long as there were cities: a tale of hard-luck immigrants who fight their way to the top against all odds in the world of crime, and for the pursuit of money and power, damn their souls to hell.

In the film we can see how migrants are not accepted into mainstream society and no matter how hard they fight to earn a place, they realize their efforts are in vain. The movie brings into front the main hero, Steelhead (Jackie Chan), an honest tractor repairman who illegally enters Japan to search for his missing girlfriend. The name of the character is extremely significant, as it suggests the hero’s strength to survive in a most dangerous and hostile environment.

The fight into this ruthless world of gangs and brotherhoods, where every step becomes a matter of life and death and any decision can turn against you in a flash finds its meaning in the hero’s desire to survive, especially for the love he carries for his girlfriend. However, the film brutally takes a twist when Steelhead realizes his girlfriend has found a new love.

“Shinjuku Incident” brilliantly succeeds in showing its viewer Life itself, with its ugliest and terrifying sides, revealing a complex battle for survival in one of the most challenging places, Japan. The realism of the scenes and the tension throughout the entire plot definitely makes this film a production worth a watch.


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