Mark Powlett – Radio on and off air

Since the beginning of the discussion I couldn’t fail to notice the passion and the energy of a man completely satisfied of what life had to offer him. Mark Powlett was a former Coventry University student, graduating with an Art Practice and Cultural Policy degree. Now, over 15 years after, he came to Coventry to share the actual students a part of his vision about the world of media and, maybe, a bit of his sheer enthusiasm.

Before becoming a student, Mark worked for a computer company.Whilst at Coventry and after, Mark went on tour of the UK and performing in numerous theatres before landing himself part on the BBC Children’s Programme Brum as the policeman, Mark confessed how he loved working in Brum as a policeman and worked there for several years before finding out about the BBC offering a new radio presenter job for BBC Coventry and Warwickshire.

Mark admitted that working for a radio station was a dream came true for him, as he always believed that radio gives him a better opportunity to be spontaneous and closer to his audience.   After a long drawn out process and 700 applicants later Mark got the job for the 5-7 morning programme, until eventually being moved to “The After Show” which is 2-5 every week day.

The radio presenter’s visit to Coventry meant a great lesson for us during an extremely inspiring and interesting hour in the ETG 34. At the end, Mark gave us a few tips and pieces of advice regarding out role as journalists and handed in some flyers presenting his radio show and his career. After that, he suggested us not to forget to listen to his show, which was about to start an hour later, which I did, for the most enjoyable afternoon.


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