The TRUTH about 2012 – Comment

I came with the idea for this story after reading a press release about the article of E.C.Krupp, posted on the NASA website on September 11 2009. I used the press release as the main source of information for this article, quoting the scientist’s arguments against the idea that the end of the world is going to produce in 2012.

The article is of major interest at a national scale, as rumors about a predicted apocalypse have made many people worry and look after a specialized opinion with solid arguments. Therefore, the story can prove suitable for any national publication: “The Sun”, “The Daily Mail”, or “The Guardian”. The abundant use of quotes in a scientific language may indicate that the article is more likely to be published in a broadsheet newspaper, even though the story itself is, in terms of impact, more appropriate for a tabloid.

The link I have accessed and which contains the press release is  .

The headline is meant to attract more readers by radically announcing to provide “The truth”, even though both the journalist and the target audience are aware that “the truth” about this expected event is never to be foreseen.


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