PARANORMAL activity – comment

The article was written for the “Newsday”, the challenge in which we had to cover a local story in five hours. It has not been published; However, I post it on my personal blog.

The story reports an event which took place near Coventry. This means that people who live in this area (especially West Midlands) would be expected to show more interest in it.  It could also prove a worth reading article for those passionate in ghosts and haunting, as well as for the curious ones. Local publications, like “Coventry Telegraph” or “Birmingham Post” would be most likely to find the story suitable. However, the text could also be submitted for the online version of the newspapers.   

I have used in the article both primary and secondary sources. The basic information about the event was taken from the organizers’ website, The telephone number which I found on this website helped me contact the organizers and get some extra details, regarding the schedule of the events, the price of the tour and the place where it was organized. Moreover, I got a quote from a Coventry University student interested in paranormal, who gave me her opinion about the event.


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