Over fifty tennis players from Coventry University Tennis Club have battled yesterday for officially earning a place among the best tennis players in the city, at   “The Warwickshire Health and Racquets Club”.

The tournament was a round-robin, with the first two from each group qualifying for the knock-out phases. In order to make the contest “more fun and fair”, players were then split in three draws regarding their level of play, for everybody to have a chance to win and try to play their best.

The battle was fierce; powerful serves, smashing forehands and strong nerves were the qualities needed for players to win. “I felt extremely stretched. Alexandru Mihalache, draw 3 Champion said. “Everybody played at a high very standard.”

There were many tense moments, with unexpected comebacks. “In my first match from the group stage, I was leading 6-0 at tie-break and I was sure that the victory was sealed. In a blink I found myself being equalized and with the opponent having a match point. This was the moment I realized I really can lose this one, so I focused more and managed to win it in the end “. Alex then concluded: “In the Final I learned from my previous mistakes and didn’t give the opponent any chance at all. Therefore, a 6-0 win.”

 Apparently, there was the Romanian player’s night, as three out of four finals were won by people from this country. Oana Vasilescu, Victor Clipa and Alexandru Mihalache, all were on the winner’s list after easy victories with convincing scores: 6-0, 6-0 and 6-1, in the case of Victor. In the women’s Final, Oana, the Romanian 20 year-old defeated Clare Green, while in the third draw, Alex managed to grab the win against Luke Pinks.

The event was organized by the club, with the purpose of “encouraging the participation and pleasure of tennis by promoting, growing and providing it in a both social and competitive environment.”


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