BRAVE enough to take this one?

Ghost sightings, moving objects, odd sensations, strange lights. At a first glimpse it looks like an ordinary theatre. Interesting plays performed periodically, even a place for kids to enrol and display their skills. But is this all that is happening in the Priory Theatre from Kenilworth?

 The team from “Paranormal nights” tries to find out what it is that makes this place so bizarre and whether is worthy or not of being called a ground of “great paranormal activity”. The investigation is being carried out this Saturday, starting 8 pm and everyone is invited to take part, especially open-minded people, with high imagination and interested in this kind of entertainment. 

The tour costs 49£ and is announced to worth every penny. “After the curtain closes” -as the organisers of the event have revealed – “the show seems to go on for all manner of unexplained phenomena is being acted out.” The location is extremely inspiring as well, as it is standing” in this old town, in a former chapel with graves at its front and others built over.”

Along with an experienced medium, all the hot spots of the theatre will be explored and experienced at the highest intensity, including the stone entrance, which is the original access of the old Chapel, the dressing room or the Circle Landing, the upstairs part of the building.

After getting in touch with a friendly spirit, you can go and share your experiences with your new friend in the theatre lobby, as there is a nice buffet and free drinks provided. Furthermore, at the end of the session there will be a post investigation discussion, in which everybody can express their opinion and tell the others what they have experienced throughout the night.

An exciting invitation for a night to remember. Whether you are just a skeptic trying to prove the truth and demonstrate that there’s nothing strange going on or a person eager to have fun on a Saturday evening, the tour seems “the perfect way to get in touch with the paranormal and maybe learn more interesting things about what it is all about, this time directly from the crime-scene.” (Radina Choleva, 19, interested in ghosts and spirits).

For more information about the tour and the event which is taking place on Saturday evening, please visit .


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