Target audience facts

“The Sun”

     “The Sun” is definitely the leader of the newspaper market, having sold no less than 7860 000 copies per day over the last year, which is almost twice the number of the copies sold by its closest contender, “Daily Mail” (4846 000), according to the National Readership Survey.sun publocation

       The publication is a tabloid, which means that the stories covered and the style used to present them are preferred mostly by people who come from a middle social class (4876 000 in comparison to 2984, the number of richer and more educated readers), as well as the younger (4502 000 – readers between 15-44 years of age, with a slight decline of the number of those aged over 45).

      Apparently, the frequent use of incentive images and stories seem to convince a higher number of men to read it in comparison to women (4356 000 – 3504 000), even though the difference is not that obvious.

     All in all, the flagship tabloid seems to manage to attract its target audience (mainly young people from a middle social class and without any higher education) by covering unexpected stories, many related to celebrities and TV reality shows, in a more simple and effective manner.

 “The Guardian”

     “The Guardian” is the tenth publication in the UK regarding the sales this year, being overcome by newspapers like “Daily Mail”, “The Daily Telegraph” or “The Times”. The amount of sales for the past months (July 08-June 09) has reached an average of 1205 000 per day, which is almost seven times less than the number of publications sold by “The Sun”.

     Speaking about the social status of the target reader, there can be seen an overwhelming difference between the number of people with a higher education and income, 1080 000, and the ones with a lower standard of living, only 125. Furthermore, the average number of younger people buying the newspaper daily is 615 000, surprisingly higher than the amount of readers over 45 years of age, which is somewhere around 590 000.the guardian publ

     The many articles which involve political issues and the sport section seem to attract more male readers than females, with a difference of 200 000 sales per day.

     The main tendency of the sales number is to drop, as the internet has managed to attract more and more readers, who are not as willing to pay for the publications as they used to do in the past.

“What’s on TV”

   what's on tv  The flagship magazine attracts the target reader with the full TV guide, as well as with news and gossip from soap operas, completed by puzzles and competitions. The publication’s sales reach an average number of 3440 000 per week, of which 2104 000 come from a middle social class. The magazine is being bought mostly by people between 15 and 45 years of age (1985 000) and mainly by women (2221 000 compared to 1219 000).

* The sales figures for each publication were taken from the “National Readership Survey” ( and reffer to a period of one year (July 2008 – June 2009).

130 MC task – Week 4


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