A person’s profile : Rosu Mihai

     He describes himself as being ambitious, friendly and spontaneous. He believes he can make a difference and bring the truth out to the surface by making people aware of what is really happening in front of their own eyes. His name is Rosu Mihai and is a Romanian who came to study Journalism and Media at Coventry University.

     While speaking to him about the interesting aspects of his life and the career he intends to embrace, I could notice the excitement and eagerness of a person who is now at the very beginning of a hopefully very long activity as a journalist, as well as a strong determination to prove a point and make a change, as he himself has declared. From the beginning of our discussion he insisted on me calling him “Red” instead of Mihai, a nickname set by his friends and which he likes. 

     “Why did you choose this course, and more than that, why this country?” I asked him first, amazed by his decision to come and study so far away in a completely new world. His answer was short and simple: for the experience; “Maybe I just like changes and hate monotony and I have to admit I really enjoy the British experience so far.”

     On top of that, he believes the British education to be at a very high level, as well as the quality of life: “I consider the United Kingdom to be the most developed country in Europe, with the best Universities and working here does not compare to any other countries. There are the two main reasons: the best place to study and to work.”

     Mihai has previously worked at a radio station in his country, a period of his life which he has really enjoyed. Furthermore, he was a freelancer at a local newspaper for six months and admitted that these two activities might have convinced him to follow a career in media. The experience he has gained throughout this period may prove essential, as he said, because “the employers will choose you as a journalist only if you have a good CV with a great portfolio.”

     At a certain point I wanted to put him in difficulty with a tricky question and asked him about the universal role of the journalist and whether he can prove a brave person or not, but he again replied with a simple and realistic answer. “Journalists are just people doing their job. Bravery is just an attribute that good journalists must have.

    ” There are a lot of reporters or editors in the UK but not all of them are very good, and one reason is that they do not have the courage to stand their ground. Regarding his role, well the main role is to inform the public and bring the truth at the surface. People need to be informed with the latest news as soon as possible, because a society kept in dark is easy to manipulate.”

     I ended the interview on the same friendly note, comparing the way British see and use media to the Romanian and reached the conclusion that “the Romanian TV/Radio/Newspapers have the same principles or are a copy of the British or American ones. It is not a matter of language or nationality, if you get the basic key concepts of media you simply understand media everywhere.”

     It proved to be a useful and enjoyable discussion with one of the many adolescents who are the future of the media market and also the only ones capable of changing and improving it, in a world of perpetual transformation.

130 MC task: Week 3, a colleague’s profile


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