20 October – In the news

Story title Subject Page/prominence Comment: News Values, Language / Style, Angle
                                             the times                  
“Generals join forces to resist ‘hijacking’ by the BNP” Political issues Top story – front page -hard news on a political theme of national interest

-target audience: mature British people , mostly with higher education and interested in politics


“Prince Charles’s harpist denies burglary charges” News related to the Royal Family 2nd top story – front page -in terms of Continuity it is a piece of news following on a previous coverage

-it is of interest mostly for mature people and those attracted by the expectedness of the story : “The Royal harpist accused of burglary” (Negativity)

“Prime Minister to offer belated congratulations to Beth Tweddle” Sports, Gymnastics Top story – back page -it is a piece of news in which a British sportsman is praised for his\her performance. It becomes in this way a story of interest for most of the British people who are eager to find out reactions and commentaries after the gymnast’s achievement.


“Karzai stares down US over poll re-run” Politics, election (international) Top story – front page -it is hard news which refers to an international event (an episode of the conflict between US and Afghanistan)

-the article is mainly read by the mature people, who already have some knowledge about politics at an international level (mostly with higher education).

-in terms of Simplification, it is not a piece which can easily be explained, but an article for the ones interested in it and capable of understanding it.


“BNP hit by second leak of ‘members database’ “ Political issues 2nd top story – front page -it covers a different aspect from that presented in “The Times”. The target audience remains mainly the same, though.

-it is an article which is slightly against the BNP party, by using fine irony.

“Biggest sex slavery inquiry failed to net single trafficker” Moral and daily life issues, investigation 3rd top story – front page -it widens the sphere of interest among the British readers, partly because of the unexpectedness of the findings (not even a trafficker caught) and also because of the nature of the presented aspect (prostitution in UK) which generally worries most of the people.

-the angle is also a slightly ironic one, mainly directed towards the government, which has “exaggerated the scale of sex trafficking in the UK”.

“Button expects to double his money as a reward for title” Sport, Formula 1 Top story – back page -this article is a continuation on the same subject: the impressive achievement of the F1 pilot, Jenson Button, who has won the World Championship. It brings new commentaries and opinions of the champion, as well as others’ opinion about his performance. The subject is still of big interest for the British sport fans.
“Injured Walcott has worries over World Cup, says Wenger” Sport, Football 2nd top story – back page -the article reveals a potential national problem for the football fans, in the perspective of the gravity of the injury of Theo Walcott.

-the story is built on the opinion of the Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger because he is the most likely to know the player both physically and mentally.

“Liverpool to search United fans for beach balls after club shop sells out.” Sport, Football 3rd top story – back page -it uses the incident form Sunderland as a pretext to introduce a preview for the Manchester United-Liverpool derby on Sunday.

-the incident with the ball was so unexpected, that it still remained of big interest even over three days after the match.

“Dannii: I’m not close to Cheryl” Gossip, celebrities, TV realities Top story – front page -soft news mostly for young people and who come from a middle social class. It is not a subject of major interest, but mainly gossip
“Five women jailed for ‘sickening’ attack” Aspect of daily life 2nd top story – front page -this article takes advantage of the “negativity” of the incident and its ethical dimension and covers the front page.
“Till the day I die” Sport, Football Top story – back page -Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger is again on the front page, but know with an interview which is more general and simple.(for the target audience).

                                   daily mail      

“Criminal checks on school exchange families.” Daily life, ethical issues and ministers’ measures Top story – front page -the text presents one of the measures of the ministers to check parents who are willing to take an overseas child into adoption. It is of national interest.
“Guilty: Doctor who fed lover abortion pills”   2nd top story – front page -this article is a continuation of an incident that happened a few days ago and has become strong news because of the negative aspect of the facts.


P.S  I have started since today an exciting activity, which is  required by the University module 130 MC, but also one I truly enjoy. As part of my journalistic activity, I will have to check out and read as many publications as possible on a daily basis and try to make an opinion about how each one of them targets their audience and also how  they succeed in pleasing it. Whether we speak about tabloids,like The Sun, or broadsheets, such as The Guardian or The Daily Mail, I will be analyzing the main articles (from front page and back page) on the criteria of News Values and ethics. This is definitely going to be an exciting work to do and it will surely prove extremely useful for a better understanding of the concepts related to media.


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