BBC 5 Live radio station


      The “BBC 5” Radio station is produced by the BBC, which is the largest broadcasting corporation in the world. It is a major company, a public service broadcaster, established by a Royal Charter.

      It is a nominally autonomous corporation, independent from direct government intervention, with its activities being overseen by the BBC Trust. The BBC Trust represents the interests of license fee payers and sets the overall strategy. The Trust’s chairman is Sir Michael Lyons.

      General management of the organization is in the hands of a Director-General, who is appointed by the Trust; he is the BBC’s Editor-in-Chief and Chairs the Executive Board. In fact, it has no specific owner, but people in charge of its organization and revenue. The BBC is owned by the UK state and mainly funded by the British Government, who is responsible for charging all UK television viewers with a license fee (£142.50 per year for a color TV). This is its main source of income, even though income for commercial enterprises and from overseas sales of its catalogues of programmes has substantially increased over recent years.

      Apart from the BBC 5 Radio station, this major company is also responsible for broadcasting several digital only football5stations, such as BBC One, BBC Two (BBC’s flagship television channels), as well as BBC Three, BBC Four, BBC News Channel, BBC Parliament and two children’s channels CBBC and CBeebies. On top of that, among the major radio stations owned and produced by the BBC we can mention Radio 1 (“the best new music and entertainment”), Radio 2 (the UK’S most listened to radio station), Radio 3 (classical and jazz music) and Radio 4 (current affairs, factual, drama and comedy).

      BBC Radio 5 Live is the BBC’S radio service providing live BBC news, phone-ins and sports commentaries. It is the principal radio station covering sport in the United Kingdom, broadcasting virtually all major sports events staged in the UK or involving British competitors. Its target audience includes, therefore, people of all ages and all socialstatuses, mostly supporters and football lovers of all kind. Facts and opinions are presented at a national scale, providing information which is of interest for the whole population. It covers live commentaries for any of the matches from the Premier League or Championship, as well as major tennis tournaments and other sports, including cricket or rugby. Apart from sports, all major events are reported daily, including news which covers international aspects and personalities.

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