Watch out for your wallets! Stealing is in vogue in Coventry

      A man was caught yesterday while trying to shoplift a sandwich from a store in Coventry, right near the city centre.

    shoplifting3   The man, believed to be in his 30s, entered a small store near Sainsbury’s and walked to the sandwich cases. After looking for a few minutes at the displayed items, he grabbed a sandwich and headed towards the exit, with no obvious intentions of paying for it.

    One of the witnesses of the incident, a 18-year-old customer ,Alina Ene, declared herself amazed by the fact that “the thief was relaxed” and “even quite sarcastic” with the shopkeeper, when he was asked to return the stolen item: “The shopkeeper shouted at the man to pay for the sandwich he took, otherwise he would call the police.”

    Instead of becoming scared and admit his act, “the man looked actually confident that nothing like that would happen” and even had the courage to argue with the shopkeeper for about five minutes.

    The man eventually returned the stolen sandwich and was allowed to walk out freely out of the store, without being even fined for this incident and without any intervention of the police.


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