Media Diary – conclusions

100 MC task – week 1

            Media is everywhere.  It manifests through internet, radio, television, music, even through us. It has become a daily necessity, a friend, controlling our lives and way of thinking. Keeping the media diary over the past three days made me more aware of this fact. One rough analyze on it would reveal a simple true aspect: I am dependent to media. Every time I arrive home from the university I turn on my laptop and begin the “essential process of socializing and getting information”. I immediately sign in on Yahoo Messenger, as well as on Skype and start chatting with my friends and my family. Being a foreigner who had travelled thousands of miles to a brand new country, I am addicted to these ways of communication as they are the only ones which can keep me in touch with people I care and who are far away from me.

      The second thing I do every day is checking my e-mails and messages through SOLAR. This activity is extremely important because it keeps me in touch with my teachers and other staff members, who give me suggestions about the weekly tasks or any other things related to my student status. Furthermore, the mails I receive from different clubs I have joined inform me about the meetings’ details or other aspects related to them.  

      As a future journalist, it is my duty to be involved and perpetually informed about the things that are happening world-wide, so listening to radio or watching TV are essential for building a career in this field. They become in this way two of the most important sources of information as well as the fastest and most efficient. Because I don’t have a TV yet, I often listen to radio (BBC5, BBC C&W, as well as Romanian programs, like Europa FM or PRO FM). 

      The world of sports has deservedly earned a place among the most popular media features and manages to invade people’s lives every day with news, commentaries and previews. It has become over the past years more than an activity for the passionate, a phenomenon as well as a way of life for the people “bitten by the bug”.  I usually spend at least three hours a day searching on different websites things related to football, tennis or handball. On top of that, going to pubs with my friends on important matches has become a usual thing to do, as it helps me understand better the perception of the British about sports and their mentality in essential moments during the game.

      The more time I spend searching for stuff related to sport reveals my passion for it as well as my perpetual need to be in touch with all the major events on time. Nevertheless, I find it curious that the time spent over the past three days for reading about the British football is almost the same to the number of minutes I usually spend  reading about the sports in my country, Romania. It is the British who have invented it after all.


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