Media Diary


Monday 16.30 E-mail Checked my e-mails : 20 minutes Home
Monday 17.30 Internet Checked my face book account: 10 minutes Home
Monday 18.00 Internet Looked to different Romanian sport web sites, such as or Prosport: 30 minutes Home
Monday 20.00 Messenger Chat with my friends and family: 1h our Home
Monday 22.00 Radio (Internet) Listened to BBC 5: 15 minutes Home
Tuesday 10.00 Internet Listened to music from Youtube: 40 minutes Home
Tuesday 10.15 E-mail Checked my e-mails: 15 minutes Home
Tuesday 11.00 Messenger Logged in on messenger Home
Tuesday 15.15 Radio Heard some music Street
Tuesday 18.00 Internet Checked my team account : Echipa Fantastica : 25 minutes Home
Wednesday 16.00 Internet Looked after the bus schedule in West Midlands: 15 minutes Home
Wednesday 18.45 Internet Booked tickets for the Sunday match : England – Macedonia (U21) : 10 minutes Home
Wednesday 20.00 Internet Looked after one book : 2 minutes Library

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