Travel by taxi in Coventry

       Most of the taxi companies in Coventry are operating non-stop and always ready to cater for all tastes and needs, whether we speak about Black Cabs, Chauffeurs, Minicabs or Private Hired Taxis.taxi_1360265f

     Whether you are a new student in Coventry arriving from the station or you are just not in a mood for going home by walking after a long party at Club 54, Coventry taxis are always a great way to travel throughout the city and outside it as well. Most of the taxi companies are offering their services 24 hours a day, providing a comfortable and secure transport at average low costs. There are many taxi companies in Coventry for you to choose from, including “Central Taxis”, “Sky cabs taxis” , “Allen’s”, “Trinity Street taxis” and of course, the “Lewis”. Innovation and investment over the past few years have raised the standards of quality and efficiency for taxi transport in Coventry, so they became faster and easier to use. Most of the taxi companies not only give the customer the possibility to book their trips in advance with SmartTaxi, but they also allow them to view any recently made bookings and bills paid using the account services using the internet.

    Students who are on their first arrival in Coventry are strongly advised to call for a taxi to take them to their new accommodation as it is a much easier way to get to rather than wandering through the town, especially when they are carrying heavy luggage. Taxi ranks are located in all major areas of the city, adjacent to railway, bus stations and all important  attractions, but they can also be picked anywhere on the street if they haven’t already been taken.  Prices tend to vary from a company to another and  they all stick to an acceptable average level . By the British law, all the taxis in England, including the ones from Coventry must have a license and they also need to inform the customer at any time during the journey about the price per mile\kilometer or any other additional costs.

     Cab drivers from Coventry, like in any other cities in UK have a vast knowledge when it comes to street locations and certain areas of the city, so it would be a good idea to go and ask them for directions especially if you are newly arrived. They are friendly and always willing to help.

     Looking down to the past, the city of Coventry prides itself with actually building a British icon by manufacturing the well known “black cabs” which have now become a symbol to the English capital. The city has an old tradition in manufacturing cars and vehicles as the first British motor car was made here, by the “Daimler Motor Company” in late 80s. These cabs are still to be seen frequently on the streets of Coventry, delighting the viewer with their unique style, charm and elegance.


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  1. enolf Says:

    Well, are you working for a taxi company, or even the car manufacturer? This seems to be more of an ad than anything else.

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