Letter to myself

I begin this letter by congratulating you for your admission to the university. I realize this is a big step for you and your future plans, but I am positive you will handle it professionally and wisely, as you have done with other things so far.

I know, Alex that you are extremely happy of getting to live in the country you have always dreamed of. I just remember how much you used to talk about England and how much you admire their history and way of life. We used to make fun and try to talk with the most aristocratic accent and imagine just how life was in the past at Buckingham or the Royal cottages.

So, you have chosen to study journalism. Yes, I have to admit, it is extremely interesting, challenging, but just stop for a moment and think of the great responsibility you will have. A journalist is, indeed, an extremely powerful person. He plays with people’s minds, without even being a magician. He can break up couples, reunite families or even start wars.

It’s you who knows the best what to do and especially how to do it. I am aware of the fact that you will work hard and devote entirely to your aim. Don’t forget, though, to enjoy your work and don’t let your personality be changed by any means. Leave a part of yourself in everything you do, just like a fingerprint, because that’s what best journalists do.

Don’t be afraid of challenges and don’t give up when it comes to the hardest. Be brave and sensible and I am sure you will find the university period the best time of your life. Learn from it and build it as a solid base for a bright future.




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