May 19, 2011

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May 19, 2011

CV – Alexandru Mihalache


May 18, 2011

The following pictures have been taken on the 2nd of May 2011, the next day after the announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden.

The historical edition of The New York Times, announcing the death of the Taliban leader Osama Bin Laden

Several broadcasting stations gathered at Ground Zero the following day in order to get the best bits of the headline story

Hundreds of messages dedicated to the victims of 9/11 were displayed everywhere around the ground zero perimeter.

New York – News Package (radio version) – The killing of Osama Bin Laden

May 18, 2011

Duration: 02′ 18”

RADIO PACKAGE – The assasination of Osama Bin Laden

7. O’clock pm, new York. The streets are packed as usual. Nothing could predict the event that was about to happen in just a few hours.
Shortly after 11.00 p.m. New York local time, breaking news has hit the media: the Taliban leader Osama Bin Laden, USA’s number one public enemy and the most hunted terrorist in the world has been killed.

The shocking information was immediately picked up by the main broadcasting channels all around the world, including CNN, BBC, ESPN, or NBC. In less than two hours the information was officially confirmed by the White House, and the Americans’ long lasting dream has become reality.

Osama Bin Laden was killed shortly after 1.00 Am Pakistan time as a result of a United States of America operation-code, named Operation Neptune Spear .This was ordered by the United States President Barack Obama. According to the official statement, the raid was launched from Afghanistan and took place at Bin Laden’s house in Bilal Town, Pakistan.

The president’s speech was broadcasted live in Times Square in New York and brought a wave of enthusiasm among everyone. People in the square, regardless of nationality or age started cheering, waving the American flag and congratulating each other. The same words could be read on everyone’s lips: justice had been done.

The next day’s headlines followed the same pattern. The New York Post was straightforwardly announcing: BIN LADEN DEAD, WE GOT HIM!, while the New York Times quoted the president, agreeing that justice has finally been done.

Ground Zero, the place where time stopped ten years ago, crippled by terror and shock, became the city’s hot spot. Now it was a place of recollection and hope. Either tourists or people directly involved in the world trade centre attacks, they all wanted to share their enthusiasm by singing patriotic songs or holding large banners with congratulation messages. Some were just happy to be there.

Hundreds of messages dedicated to the victims of 9/11 were displayed everywhere around the ground zero perimeter.
On September 11 2001, Osama Bin Laden, the leader and founder of Al-Quaeda, was about to give the American nation its biggest blow.
Nearly 3,000 victims and the 19 hijackers died in the attacks. More than 90 countries lost citizens in the attacks on the World Trade Centre. It was considered the greatest terrorist attack in the history of US and one of the bloodiest ever in the modern history of mankind.

CU Tennis Club to meet the board

February 7, 2011

Members of the Coventry University Tennis Club have been given the opportunity to have their say over the future of their club as they took part in a feedback meeting. The event took place on Friday, January 28 in William Morris building and was chaired by Rob Wills, Sports & Societies Development Manager and by Coventry University Director of Sport, Vince Mayne. The aim of this was not only to inform about the current progress of the club, but also to encourage its members to actively involve in the organization of the society they are part of.

The committee members of the University declared themselves pleased with the way the club is currently managed and regarded the present achievements as a solid ground on which to build in the future. Vince Mayne said: “You’ve done really well so far, we have to make sure we help you keep this going.” However, in order to keep the club on the right track, “it is important that all the Coventry University Tennis Club members be aware of the advantages they have as well as their responsibilities as part of a community”, Coventry University Director of Sport has added.

Coventry University Tennis Club is one of the eight selected Focus Sports within the University, among other sports like football, rugby, hockey or badminton. A Focus Sport Club concentrates on the development of sports practice at a both socially and competitive level, encouraging prospective and already existing members to engage in activities and represent the University in competitions. By paying a membership fee, students have all the facilities provided and several advantages, like financial support for coaching, preferential access to training or marketing support.

Being in the focus of the University as a sports club involves, nevertheless, greater responsibilities and higher expectations. Students must involve both in and off the court, by regularly attending the club meetings, as well as showing a good commitment during training and competition matches. Rob Wells stressed the importance and significance of the statute of Pheonix Team, which Coventry University Tennis Club had earned last year: “Phoenix Team is the pinnacle of University Sport at Coventry. We will be looking at you as the ambassadors of sport, a model for others by showing professionalism and impeccable behavior in everything you do. It is important to create good news stories in order to keep the reputation of the University to a very high level. We offer you in exchange our full support. “

Coventry University Tennis Club is now in its third year of existence and has gathered almost one hundred members. The club includes three men’s teams to play in local competitions, a women’s team and a recreational group, which practices tennis at a social level. It encourages the participation and pleasure of tennis and promotes the practice of this sport at any standard of performance.


January 13, 2011


For gaining professional experience during this second year of study I have chosen to be involved in two different projects, both aiming to develop essential skills related to my field of work.

1. New York Trip

This trip is organized by Coventry University School of Art and Design and gives the students who attend it the chance to choose and build an individual or group project regarding their passions and already gained skills. The dates of the project are 28.04.2011 – 05.05.2011 and the location is New York. For this project, I have two potential ideas; the final decision on which of the two will actually be put in practice will be made once I’ll be provided with all the necessary permissions.

The first idea involves collaboration with the NYPD Department. As a Journalist Student, I was thinking of making a short video documentary about a typical day at one of the largest Police Departments in the World. The documentary should include footage of some of the offices, interviews with people having different roles within the Department and even images from a minor incident in which Police is involved. Of course, nothing will be recorded without the permission of the Police members or edited unaccordingly.

The second idea aims to be more original and relates to an old saying, “In New York…there’s nothing you can’t do.” As a journalist, my job is to investigate and find out what is it that you actually can’t do while being in New York. Apart from obvious restrictions, regarding crime of theft, I’m aiming to research and discover places where not everything is permitted. This involves, again, talking to different people, taking video footage and presenting facts accurately and from an original point of view.

2. Language exchange Spain

My second opportunity for gaining experience relates to a language exchange
with a group of students from Valencia, Spain. I have applied for this placement a few months ago on the university website and received a contract offer. The dates of the placement are 28.03.2011 – 15.04.2011 and the location is Requena, Valencia.

My main role at the campus (Campus Moragete) is assisting with the teaching of English. Some of my responsibilities include: taking small classes of students and leading activity based speaking and listening exercises, encouraging conversation and debating or assisting/supervising a small class, promoting good pupil behavior.

As a student at Journalism and Media, learning how to efficiently interact with people is essential. As a language assistant, I will have the responsibility to find all the time new ways to improve communication with pupils and keep them interested during the lessons. A journalist has the same difficult mission, to keep the interest of his audience high and persuade them to further listen to him.

Moreover, both journalists and teachers carry the responsibility of shaping the personality and beliefs of a large number of people. For those who listen to them, they represent models and people in whose words they can fully trust. Therefore, I will have the responsibility to provide accurate and correct pieces of information (English vocabulary and grammar, British culture, accent). In this way, I will have the opportunity to revise and acquire linguistic knowledge, essential for my journalistic practice (news writing, broadcast).

Excellent time keeping, good organization skills and team work are just some of the skills which I aim to develop during my time in Spain. However, the challenging environment in which I will be staying (the cultural difference, the language barrier) will help me acquire many more skills, which I hope I will discover and present in the next Coursework.
Last but not least, this role will definitely help me become a much more confident person, who can successfully deal with any difficult situation.

Goals and Objectives

1. New York Trip
• Produce an original and professional journalistic/media artefact, improving my university portfolio.
• Efficiently make use of the notoriety of the place where I’m doing my project and capture quality video footage and pictures to use in the documentary.
• Excellent organization and team-work during the making of the project.
• Make and bring proof of intense research on the topic of my project.
• Efficiently interact and socialize with people from all backgrounds who are willing to contribute to the development of my project.
• Find out whether New York is indeed a city “which never sleeps” and a place to change one’s life.

2. Language Exchange Spain
• Acquire foreign language skills, teaching skills and intercultural awareness.
• Bring innovative ideas and contribute to the efficiency of the teaching methods.
• Improve my self-confidence.
• Become a more responsible person.
• Handling the pressure of working in a professional and challenging environment.

Available Resources
1. New York Trip
• Flights, Accommodation
• Travel and Medical Insurance
• HD video recorders and Edirol sound recorders (available at Ellen Terry Media Loan Shop).
• Sony Vegas editing program.
• 24h/day assistance provided by the university.

2. Language Exchange Spain
• Flights, Accommodation
• Travel and Medical Insurance
• Induction period
The student will be shown a presentation about our teaching methods and health and safety at the campus. The student will also learn how to use our interactive whiteboards which are installed in the majority of the classrooms. The induction period is expected to last two days.

• Spanish Language Book

Staff/ Contact Person

1. New York Trip
Trip Coordinators
Peter Woodbridge
Steve Dawkins
Tel: +44 (0)24 7688 7173

2. Language Exchange Spain
English Coordinator
Laura Balmforth
Tel: 0034622772405

Magazine Show – 10.12.2010

December 11, 2010

This Magazine Show was part of the Newsday Assignment for Broadcast, Law and Public Administration module and was recorded as live.


SUPER Spurs stun Gunners at Emirates

November 20, 2010

Tottenham Hotspur  recorded a historic win against Arsenal at Emirates Stadium on Saturday, after managing to overcome a two-goal deficit at half time.

Over fifteen years have Tottenham supporters been expecting this moment and their long wait has finally been rewarded after a thriller match.

Arsenal got off to a blistering start and took the lead in the 8th minute of the game, when Samir Nasri got a fabulous pass from Fabregas, ran clear and squeezed the ball low past Gomes, who clearly might feel he could have done more to stop the goal.

Tottenham’s negative record of conceiving in every Premier League match over the last 14 games has been confirmed at Emirates, but this was also due to the constant pressure from Arsenal players, who spent most of the first half on the front foot.

With Tottenham struggling to make way deep into the opponent’s half, the Gunners remained sharp in attack, especially on the counter. A bright pass from Alexandre Song sent Fabregas clear down the centre of the box, but the Spanish midfielder just lacked a finishing touch.

This was not the case three minutes later, and Arsenal turned into goal a clinical counter attack, as Marouane Chamakh managed to chip the ball in after a low cross delivered from Arshavin from the left hand side.

Was there anything to be done in this situation? The half-time break gave Harry Redknapp’s players a lot to think of and made it clear that an early goal was needed for the team to get back into the match. The second half provided a thrilling display.

Four minutes after the break, Van der Vaart got a long cross from deep and headed it to Bale, who went down the penalty box and glided a beautiful finish past Arsenal’s goalkeeper, Lukasz Fabianski. It was, once again, the clinical Gareth Bale who injected fresh hope into his side and made his team believe that achieving a good result may still be possible.

The belief  turned into reality in the 65th minute of the game and Tottenham sent its fans into raptures after Van der Vaart scored the equalizer from the spot. Fabregas inexplicably decided to raise his arm head high to block Van der Vaart’s free kick and the offence was easily spotted by referee Dowd.

The hammer blow delivered by Tottenham made Arsenal throw all lines into attack, while Spurs waited to hit back deadly on the counter. After a series of changes when Peter Crouch replaced Roman Pavlyuchenko and Theo Walcott and Tomas Rosicky came on for Nasri and Walcott, Fabregas almost made amends for his earlier mistake with a curling effort, but Gomes was right on the spot to tip it away.

The crowds at Emirates, already impressed by the Lilywhites’ comeback, were stunned five minutes before full time when Younes Kaboul’s glancing header went past Fabianski’s reach and straight into the back of the net, to seal a historic result for Tottenham and a big day for every Spurs fan.

UEFA Champions League – Matchday 4 preview

November 4, 2010

We are half way through the group stages of the UEFA Champions League and the battle seems fiercer than ever. Six teams are leading the chase, at the top of their group, for a place in the last-16 and will try to secure the victory which will take them through with two games to spare. Arsenal FC, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munchen, Chelsea FC, Real Madrid FC and FC Internazionale are all on the brink of qualifying, while clubs like Bursaspor or Hapoel Tel-Aviv must earn their first points in the competition this year, should they want to get something out of their European campaign. Do expect lots of goals in what should be a thrilling Matchday 4 on the big stage of UEFA Champions League.

Tottenham Hotspurs – FC Internazionale Milano

The Italian Champions and the trophy holders, Internazionale FC should expect a different affair from that which easily brought them three points at San Siro, two weeks ago, against a rather listless English side. Tottenham has managed to score no less than four goals in its last European match at White Hart Lane and this time promises its fans a far more convincing display. The seven-goal thriller in their previous encounter is an indicator of what to expect in this highly anticipated clash.

AC Milan – Real Madrid

In what could easily be the Wembley Final, the competition’s most decorated clubs, AC Milan and Real Madrid FC top the billing on Matchday 4 of the UEFA Champions League. With the Spanish side looking to continue their perfect start in Group G and secure a place for the later stages, “The Devils” are trying to consolidate their second position and maybe reopen the battle for the group’s top spot. However, the Italians have the difficult mission of breaking a record for which Jose Mourinho is to be blamed: the first coach in Real Madrid’s history to remain unbeaten in his first 11 games

Shakhtar Donetsk – Arsenal FC

Having been put in the same group with Sporting Braga and Shakhtar Donetsk, Arsenal realized they had tough competition to face. The Portuguese had managed to impress everyone by stylishly securing a place into the group stage after a double win against a more fancied Sevilla side, while the winners of the last edition of the UEFA Cup, in 2008, need no further presentation.

Immediately after the draw, Arsenal’s manager, Arsene Wenger, declared that in order to secure a place in the upper stages, his team needs to rise to the challenge on every match. And so far they did. Six goals against a stunned Braga side, along with the 5-1 sitter at Emirates, against Mircea Lucescu’s Sakhtar Donetsk just confirm the Londoners’ brilliant form and place them among the favorites to gain Champions League glory this year.


In a match counting for group B, Olympique Lyon travel to Benfica, while Hapoel Tel Aviv try to win their first points in Europe this year as they host the German side Schalke 04. Highly expected match in group C, where Valencia take on Rangers, while in group E, a wounded AS Roma team is looking to turn the tide against the Swiss football club FC Basel.

World of codes revealed by maths magician

October 31, 2010

James Grime, member of the Mathematics Millennium Project from the University of Cambridge is coming to Coventry University to talk about the history and mathematics of codes and code breaking. On the 9th of November students, parents or teachers are all invited to take part in what should be a scintillating journey into the history of codes, from the Greeks’ and Romans’ period to the present day.

The event starts at 5pm in the Goldstein Lecture Theatre at Coventry University and it is free of charge. The presentation will include a demonstration of a World War II enigma machine, a genuine device extensively used for disguising messages during the Second World War.

These kinds of initiatives aim to inspire students to explore the fascinating world of numbers and maybe encourage them to consider studying mathematics at degree level. “There is so much more to mathematics as a subject and one of the reasons we organize talks like this is to show students at GCSE level just how varied it can be.” said Dr. Farzana Aslam, Senior Lecturer from Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Engineering Sciences at Coventry University.

People who are interested in attending can book a place by either emailing or calling 024 7688 8569.